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Direct to the garment

DTG printing, also known as Direct to Garment printing, is a method of having to print a digital picture directly into your clothing utilizing precise printing techniques and pigments. Compared to screen printing, which can have high setup costs, Direct to Garment is ideal for short batches of full-color graphics on a variety of garments. DTG printing from Miami Epic Tees produces high-quality imprinted clothes within several hours of getting your finished order, making it an excellent tee printing technology for aesthetic, marketing, bachelorette, bridal showers and sports franchise apparel. Direct to garment printing, as the name indicates, utilizes color pigments to print precisely onto the garment of your preference. The best part is that it penetrates the fabric’s strands directly, so you do not even touch the pattern or color whenever you touch it!

8 Reasons Why You Need to Choose DTG Printing

  1. You won’t have to make compromises as you would with other printing processes because of the enormous number of color selections available.
  2. DTG is just the ideal printing style for giving a present to relatives or friends since you can snap a picture of them and then have it printed exactly like it is on a tee, which looks like the perfect gift and demonstrates your thoughtfulness.
  3. Since this printing technique’s pigment is placed directly into the fabric without the need for any extra layers or screens, it produces a flawless print that will not break or fade with time. This results in a long-lasting pattern that can be maintained and washed repeatedly without being scratched or frayed.
  4. Direct to garment service specializes in printing extremely detailed short-run cotton clothes. You quickly take a picture utilizing technology and print tees with that precise design.
  5. DTG is perfectly suitable if you need to include significant shadowing in your graphics, in addition to the intricacy and full-color printing. In case you’re an entrepreneur who is trying to generate income from your art, this provides you entire flexibility when producing tee themes. This also enables you to transform your work of art into ideal tee designs and establish an additional cash source.
  6. There is nearly no visual and material degradation, and perfect replication guarantees high-quality artwork every time.
  7. The nicest thing about DTG printing is that this can be used by anyone. It’s really the ideal low-cost alternative for getting your tees printed with precise and crisp detail and, because of the cheap costs, you may save a lot of money on all of your printing projects.
  8. In the DTG printing technique, water-based paint can also be applied to textiles using specialized ink cartridges. Thus, it is additionally ideal for materials like reed, linen, and jute because such kind of painting exclusively works on plant fabrics.

Get the Best of DTG Printing at Miami Epic Tees!

We at Miami Epic Tees can produce any batch request with incredibly detailed high-definition graphics at a minimal cost using this method. Every design is achievable with our professional team of DTG printers in the US. With each and every purchase, we guarantee great accuracy, fantastic uniformity, spectacular ink production and inexpensive pricing. Miami Epic Tees provides a print of full-color graphics on a variety of customized tees, shirts, stitched attire, customized sweatshirts and many other apparel kinds using the newest printing techniques along with upper edge DTG equipment. Be it DTG printing on denim or cotton, we’re your one-stop destination!

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