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Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing process in which ink is transferred to a surface through a netting, with the exception of places made impervious to the color pigment by something like an obstructing stencil. Since silk was used for the technique in ancient times, the procedure was previously known as silkscreen printing. Screen printing services emerged from the old technique of stenciling throughout the late 1800s, and the technology has expanded into such an enterprise with adjustments throughout time. It has evolved into a very complicated technique that incorporates innovative materials and dyes as well as computing technologies. Screen printing is frequently used to replace other techniques such as offset lithography. This can produce a design on practically any fabric as a versatile printing process.

Digital Printing vs Screen Printing: What’s the Difference?

Digital Printing

  • Digital printing is a relatively recent technology in which your design is first entered into the system before being imprinted straight onto the fabric’s surface.
  • Since the pigment is immediately bonded to the fabric of your garment, digital printing is neither a heat exchanger nor patchwork.
  • Digital printing is great for goods that need a lot of precision and quantities that aren’t too large.
  • The absence of screens in the computerized printer enables a genuine print with so much more resolution compared to conventional screen printing.

Screen Printing

  • For graphics that require a large amount of intensity, going to print on dark garments, or specialty items, screen printing is the ideal alternative.
  • Screen printing uses a heavier ink application than digital printing, resulting in richer colors including on darker clothing.
  • The notion that such items are imprinted manually enables unusual items such as bottles of water, beverage coolers and even mugs, as the printing can manage sloping or asymmetrical surfaces carefully.
  • Screen printed goods have a minimum stock volume due to the obvious additional materials and manual labor time required for this printing process.

About Miami Epic Tees

Miami Epic Tees has been working diligently to improve its method since its inception. We’re proud of how simple and efficient it is. Whilst most of our services have more to do with the excellent levels of competence, quick turnover along secure and stable delivery, it all boils down to trustworthiness. Each printing method has advantages and disadvantages, which our design team will consider when determining which to employ for your design. Thus, you can expect nothing but perfection from our side. Our services were built from the ground up with you in mind, ensuring that all your shopping experiences would be as simple and comfortable as possible. You can easily customize clothes for your business, university, non-profit organization, family gatherings, and much more with our digital designing agency!

We at Miami Epic Tees are glad to say that we stick to screen printing process all the time with pure determination. Since we are presently working to add additional goods to our website that can be printed digitally, the products that are already accessible have indeed been extensively reviewed and proven. We are printing high performers, and won’t be approving products by either technique unless they produce the best-finished version possible. Both techniques of printing have to go through the same assessment and proofing procedure by our professional artists and is then delivered to you. So, without any further ado, opt for our screen printing expertise now!

Screen printing Hialeah

Screen printing is a type of garment printing, where garments are decorated with dye that is transferred to an ink-receiving surface by carrying a stencil (usually a screen) on which the design is impressed. Screen printing Hialeah uses sharp, flexible, porous surfaces called screens, which are covered with an ink-blocking stencil of fine, open weave material, such as polyester. The screen is coated with a special emulsion that holds an ink-blocking image. The stencil is then set above the garment and pressure is applied to the screen, forcing ink through the stencil openings and onto the garment.

Screen Printed Design Examples

From the beginning, our service was created with the client in mind so that your ordering experience is as easy and effortless as possible. Our online design studio makes it easy for you to personalize garments for your company, school, non-profit organization, family reunion and much more.

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